EUROLTA (European Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults)

Project No. 505710-LLP-1-2009-CZ-KA4-KA4MP
The ELTACS project was funded with support from the European Commission. The project built on the existing EUROLTA project and added some innovative training blocks to the EUROLTA framwork.


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The ICC Teacher Training Accreditation Scheme

Photo by C.Schneider
Photo by C.Schneider

A key element in the delivery of quality language teaching is the qualification of teachers. The ICC recognises that many teachers of languages engaged in the field of adult education look for opportunities to advance in their profession. They often do not have the possibility to gain certification for the tasks they are fulfilling. The ICC maintains a competence-based framework for language teaching, which allows teachers to plan and track their professional development in an international context.

The framework also enables participating institutions to qualify and certify their teachers' proficiency using a common frame of reference, which cuts across educational sectors and national boundaries.

The EUROLTA scheme encompasses:

  • The EUROLTA framework
  • EUROLTA international procedures: Common standards regarding roles and responsibilities of all those involved at international levels.

It addresses three levels of implementation:

  • At an international level: principles and procedures
  • At a national or institutional level: working rules and modes of delivery
  • At an individual trainer level: continuous professional development and benchmark opportunities through national and international networks.