What is the EUROLTA Certificate?

Awarding Ceremony, Sofia BG
Awarding Ceremony, Sofia BG

It is a certificate developed, issued and recognised by the ICC, a network of leading institutions of adult education in Europe and around the world.


The EUROLTA Certificate is awarded to people who are professionals in the demanding field of teaching languages to adults.


If you hold a EUROLTA Certificate you have demonstrated that you have the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, teach and evaluate your language classes within your institutional context:


• you can adapt your institution’s course programme to meet the collective and individual needs and preferences of your group


• you can select and adapt from the teaching materials available


• you command a wide range of teaching skills and techniques and you can apply these appropriately in your teaching context to the learning preferences of your learners and their cultural background


• you are guided by a well grounded understanding of language and language acquisition; in particular, you are familiar with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Teaching, Learning, Assessment (CEFR) and its model for describing communicative competence


• you have also demonstrated a professional self-awareness that enables you to plan and achieve your further professional development