As the holder of a EUROLTA certificate you will have demonstrated knowledge and competence in the following areas:

  • Language awareness: you have an understanding of languages and of how they function; you have applied that knowledge to the language(s) you teach
  • Language learning processes: you have knowledge about how adults learn languages and you can apply that knowledge in your teaching
  • Language teaching: you have the skills to select and apply a range of teaching activities and techniques appropriately; you can select and adapt appropriate teaching materials; you can manage the learning environment
  • Planning and evaluation: you can plan lessons and evaluate them; you can assess learning in an appropriate way; you can guide your learners in setting their own objectives and assessing themselves
  • Language and culture: you understand the interplay between language and culture ; you can incorporate intercultural learning into your teaching
  • Self-assessment: you have shown that you can observe and reflect on your own learning and teaching with a view to your personal ongoing professional development