BVV Annual Conference 2012 in Augsburg, Germany

The BVV Annual Conference took place in Augsburg at the local adult education centre on Saturday 6th October.


The conference was conducted by Myriam Fischer Gallus, VHS Aschaffenburg, Diena Heikal, BVV Marketing and Christine Loibl, BVV Head of Language Department, coordinated by Gudrun Wenzel, BVV Marketing EUROLTA.

ICC - ELTACS Conference 2012 in Berlin

Helga Kuipers and Sebastian Taylor -  Master Trainer
Helga Kuipers and Sebastian Taylor - Master Trainer

A small group of teachers and training experts attended the ELTACS Conference in Berlin 29.6.2012 Felix Breitkreuz, ESL Prolog, Principal and  Centre Manager gave a brief introduction to the work of ESL, the school's background and activities followed by a report by Christel Schneider about the ELTACS/ EUROLTA dissimination  project and its results.

A lively discussion followed which was moderated by Dorothee Thommes, EUROLTA Trainer and Material Designer. Doro presented the audience with some encouraging EUROLTA activities. Sebastian Taylor, Director of Studies, ESL informed about the ELTACS online Master Trainer course he had taken part in to qualify as ELTACS Master Trainer. The mutual exchange was considered as very fruitful and it was suggested to initiate more conference of this kind.


ELTACS Teacher Training in London, UK, 30 May - 1 June 2012

Rob Williams and Daphne B. Vallas
Rob Williams and Daphne B. Vallas

The University of Westminster has been successfully accredited as new ICC  EUROLTA Training Centre. The accreditation was carried out during the Master Trainer's face-to-face assessment phase.


Daphne B. Vallas and Robert D. Williams are the new accredited Master Trainers at the University of Westminster.




The ELTACS Project Group invited interested professionals to a Think Tank Expert Group Forum to exchange ideas and expertise as well as best practice on running language classes with a special focus methodology and teaching participants with special needs.


ELTACS Teacher Training in Sofia, BG, 20 - 22 April 2012

As part of the face-to-face Master Training Slavina Lozanova introduced  teacher trainers to SEN with some practical examples.

In the picture trainees were reading a text through a hole in order to get an idea about visual impairment.


ELTACS Teacher Training in Plzen, CZ, 23 - 25 March 2012

Face-to-face Trainer Training in Plzen, CZ, March 2012. Photo: C. Schneider
Face-to-face Trainer Training in Plzen, CZ, March 2012. Photo: C. Schneider
Jana Čepičková
Jana Čepičková


EUROLTA Centre Accrediation and face-to-face training 23 - 25 March 2012

Jana Čepičková, deputy director of the University of West Bohemia and co-ordinator of the ELTACS project organised a three days trainer workshop at the University of West Bohemia, togehter with Milada Stočková, responsible for training teachers at the University. Both demonstred their skills as EUROLTA Master Trainers at the newly established EUROLTA Training Centre at the University of West Bohemia. 


BVV EUROLTA Annual Conference 2011 in Nuremberg

This year’s Annual EUROLTA Conference, organised by the BVV (Bavarian Association of adult education centres in Bavaria) took place at the education centre in Nuremberg The ICC representative, Christel Schneider, was warmly welcomed. She informed the audience about latest developments regarding projects with ICC involvement and steps forward as regards to disseminating EUROLTA in various EUROPEAN countries through the ELTACS project. The new steps to establish EUROLTA in 7 more European countries via the ELTACS project ( was well received.

The event was well attended by EUROLTA trainers, teachers and assessors. Two Trainers from the EUROLTA centre ESL PROLOG-Berlin and a trainer from the Adult Education Association in Hesse (Hessischer Volkshochschulverband), who intend to implement and establish EUROLTA in their teacher training presented their organisations at the conference.

The Bavarian EUROLTA steering committee, the head of the BVV language department, Christine Loibl, and Diena Heikal, head of the marketing department at the BVV informed about recent developments at the BVV. Myriam Fischer, director of the adult education centre (VHS) in Aschaffenburg and representative for EUROLTA at the BVV, facilitated the conference and informed about the progress and changes of EUROLTA Training in Bavaria. She also acknowledged everybody about the portfolio for trainees which will be used in future for all trainees getting started with EUROLTA training. Trainers were also informed about changes in the procedures.

The conference attendees had a lot of opportunities to exchange ideas and best practice and discuss ideas and plans how to promote EUROLTA further.


(BVV) EUROLTA Annual Conference 2010 in Munich, Germany

Diena Heikal, Gudrun Wenzel, Myriam Fischer, Karl-Heinz Eisfeld, Christine Loibl
Diena Heikal, Gudrun Wenzel, Myriam Fischer, Karl-Heinz Eisfeld, Christine Loibl

The Annual EUROLTA Conference took place at the Bavarian Adult Education Association (BVV) in Munich, Germany, 9th October 2010.


It was well attended by EUROLTA trainers and assessors from all over Bavaria and  speakers from Berlin and Hamburg. The conference was moderated by Myriam Fischer Callus who is leading the work group EUROLTA in Bavaria. The Bavarian adult education association (BVV) was well presented by 1. Karl-Heinz Eisfeld, Chairperson of the BVV, 2. Christine Loibl (Head of Languages, Integration and Work Group EUROLTA), 3. Diena Heikal, Marketing / Work Group EUROLTA), 4. Gudrun Wenzel ( Languages, Work Group EUROLTA). ... >more

EUROLTA Presentation at BAAL Conference in London

Poster Presentation ICC / CS
Poster Presentation ICC / CS

The 6th Annual Conference of the British Association of Applied Linguistics Language Learning and Teaching SIG(BAAL) took place at King's College, London, UK, 8 - 9 July 2010.

At the conference Christel Schneider, ICC International, presented the EUROLTA dissemination project ELTACS at King's College, London to an international audience.