BVV Annual EUROLTA Conference in Munich 2010

D. Heikal, G. Wenzel, M.Fischer, K.-H. Eisfeld, C. Schneider
D. Heikal, G. Wenzel, M.Fischer, K.-H. Eisfeld, C. Schneider

After a welcome note by Myriam Fischer, Karl-Heinz Eisfeld reported on the vision of the BVV, work in progress, and planned results. A number of  presentations followed. Christel Schneider reported for the ICC on EUROLTA International and gave an overview of the development of certificates issued over the past years and the revision of the EUROLTA Framework and Procedures. She also informed about the projects ICC is presently involved in and upcoming conferences with involvement of the ICC. Christel Schneider also informed delegates that ‘Flying Teachers’, Switzerland, have been accredited as new EUROLTA Centre. The presentation can be viewed >here


Sebastian Taylor from International House Berlin Prolog, introduced his organisation and reported about their  EUROLTA activities and their latest EUROLTA training course and re- audit as ICC accredited EUROLTA Centre.

Another highlight was the presentation of the EUROLTA Moodle platform and Dorothee Thommes’ (EUROLTA Trainer at VHS Aschaffenburg) enchanting demonstration about her dealing with EUROLTA on Moodle online. 

The conference was very focused and by the end of the day a lot had been achieved. It was really good to receive trainee’s needs first hand. His presentation in German can be viewed > here


The next Bavarian Annual EUROLTA Conference will take place in Erlangen, 8th October 2011